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MCU-Mastic is a single component moisture cure polyurea coating.

MCU-Mastic is a corrosion and chemical resistant intermediate and finish coat for non-UV exposure that has outstanding barrier performance, whether used for atmospheric exposures or in immersed environments. MCU-Mastic has a smooth finish and is ideal for interior applications as a finish coat. MCU-Mastic is available in light grey colours to facilitate interior tank inspections. MCU-Mastic is approved for contact with potable water and foodstuffs (EU). 

MCU-Mastic is also the standard primer for non-ferrous and concrete surfaces, and the standard sealer coat for concrete as the primer/barrier coat for their anti-carbonation system. 

  • Universal intermediate/barrier coating
  • Coloured topcoat for interior use where there is limited UV exposure and slight ambering is acceptable
  • Aromatic topcoat to replace epoxies
  • High resistance to atmospheric chemicals
  • Best choice in salt or fresh water immersion service
  • Ideal for use over MCU primers in ballast tanks and cargo holds
  • Use as a standard primer for non-ferrous and concrete surfaces
  • Approved for contact with potable water and food
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Technical data sheet

MCU-Mastic technical data sheet

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