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MCU-Zinc is a single component moisture cure polyurea primer. MCU-Zinc is a pure zinc rich primer for atmospheric exposures on maintenance and new construction works, where the longest possible life is required. MCU-Zinc is also a perfect substitute for galvanisation. Different from most other zinc rich coatings, MCU-Zinc will not crack when applied at higher DFT’s, and it will not blister when applied to prepared steel with a low surface profile. 

Versatile, easy to use, corrosion-resistant primer. Tolerates damp surfaces and fast immersion. For any type of surface prep including UHP, dry, wet abrasive, power and hand tools.

  • Surface-tolerant, single-component, zinc-rich primer
  • Approved for Class B Slip Coefficient
  • Versatile, easy to use, corrosion resistant primer
  • Replaces epoxy zinc. Better performance than inorganic zinc
  • Unlimited recoat time
  • Overcoatable by itself
  • Tolerates flash rusting
  • High DFT tolerance
  • One primer for any type of surface prep. including UHP WJ, Dry blasting, wet abrasive blasting, power tool cleaning, hand tool cleaning
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Safety data sheet

MCU-Zinc safety data sheet - New Zealand

Safety data sheet

MCU-Zinc safety data sheet - Australia

Technical data sheet

MCU-Zinc technical data sheet

Product brochure

MCU 2-Coat system brochure

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