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A proprietary blended thinner for use with MCU-Coatings products. 

MCU-Thinners is used to: 

  • create a float on partially used MCU-Coatings to prevent moisture reacting with product remaining in the drum
  • dilute and thin MCU-Coatings products that need to penetrate/soak into and wet inaccessible area, to encapsulate asbestos, and to penetrate and seal concrete and timber
  • clean spray/application equipment
  • slow down the rate of cure on hot surfaces

On those rare occasions it is added in conjunction with MCU-Quickcure, it should be added and mixed into the product before adding MCU-Quickcure. 

No other substitutes are recommended for use with MCU-Coatings.

  • Special proprietary blended thinner to dilute MCU-Coatings products and clean tools and equipment
  • Also used as a vapour barrier to prevent moisture reaching the product so that it will not react in the container
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Safety data sheet

MCU-Thinners safety data sheet - New Zealand

Safety data sheet

MCU-Thinners safety data sheet - Australia

Technical data sheet

MCU-Thinners technical data sheet

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